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This is my first post in this forum but I've been hanging around for some time, researching on my way to my first owned Touareg 7P. This is my first VW, previously *My previosly car was a bmw 525 but now we're having a baby and with grand parents 800km away, this seemed like the right car for us. So now we have a 2012 TDI V6 metallic brown, RCD550 with a couple of packages included. But no bluetooth phone and music connectivity.

I've tried to search for hours getting a answer on options having bluetooth phone and music connectivity in the car and found quite a few answers. On another Touareg I looked at, when pressing "MEDIA", there were dark coloured "BT" and that seller said it could be activated.

But on our car it only have "MDI". So I know I have media interface in the glove box for Iphone and I'm wondering what else I need for getting bluetooth phone/audio? Is it a Fiscon package I need e.g. this: FISCON - VW RCD 550 (VW Touareg 7P) - Manos libres Bluetooth | VAG-Navisystems
plus coding? Or are there easier/cheaper ways for me? E.g. buy a microphone and then just activate the function in some menu? Or is the car already prepared with all HW and just needs activation?

I'm also looking on aftermarket radio installations such as: Touch Navigation - NaviTouch® WinCE - GPS, Multimedia, Bluetooth - VW Touareg (7P) with RCD 550 - VW Touareg (7P) - RCD 550 | VAG-Navisystems It seems that I need a bluetooth interface for it, how can I check if I have this?

Long first post I know, but this is a couple of weeks headache for me typed down (my wife refuses to listen to this).

Thanks a lot guys!
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