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Random door locking sound while driving and seat moving

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Hello All,
Has anyone else experienced something that sounds like the child safety locks going off or on while driving? I cannot seem to replicate it. This happens at random times while driving. It used to be only on the right rear door area, but now it's also on the left. I have turned off all automatic locking but it still happens.

I also noticed that the back of my electronic seat moves forward sometimes (non-memory seats). I know it is not from bumping it. Anyone else have this. I have a 2011 TDI V6. Love the car but not the mystery :)
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Yes, thanks for the update.

I have been experiencing what sounds like the right rear door locking at times recently.
The problem is my warranty ran out since the last visit where they replaced the locks. Will the repair fall under the warranty since it's the same issue?
I would hope so but only your dealer can tell you for sure. Mine was discovered after the warranty expired. I don't need the lock nanny so I just keep them turned off.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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