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I have been waiting on my radio for about 6 months and it finally came in and they put it in today.The old one would freeze up or it would spit the cd back out.Plus it would not change channels when i turned the knob sometimes.The fade was terrible and it did not have enough power in the unit itself as i would turn it up to 20 or so to get good sound.
Now that the new one is in.I have to keep the volume down to around 10 and the fade to the rear is a whole lot better plus there is a big difference in the power.Everything works great.No more problems with the Touareg anymore as that was the last thing on the menu to fix. :clap: \:D/ :joy:
My number on production is 7476 so it is and older one for sure but it is still one of the best vehicles i have ever liked thus far. No major problems at all.Just cosmetic stuff mostly.
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