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Hopefully somebody can put me on the right track here. While driving last weekend, my radio blinked twice and the second time it blinked the cluster did the same and then everything went dead - the radio, the speedometer, revcounter, oil temp gauge and voltmeter as well as the steering buttons for speedocruise and radio etc... The water temp and fuel gauges does work.

The rear window washer and wiper works, but the front one doesn't - the flickers work as well as the dim and bright for head lights.

Took it to the dealer and they said they will start by replacing the cluster @ $3500 ... eish!! Now I know it is not the cluster because I am an electronics engineer and smelled that dreaded electronic smell that goes with burning silicon. I did replace the CCFL inside the cluster with an LED strip, so knew how to take the cluster apart and put it back together again. I did this and there is NO evidence of any silicon being burnt - so the problem must be somewhere else.

Can it be one of the CANBUS controllers for the radio and cluster ? Anyone that can point me in the right direction here - please...

Thanks for your input

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