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Hello all,

My keyless entry is only working on the front doors. Grab either front door handle, and only the front doors unlock. Grabbing either rear door handle doesn't unlock any doors. I can only unlock the rear doors with the button on the fob or the power lock button inside on the door.

Can I address this with a VagCom setting, or do I have a more serious issue?

Many thanks!

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Do the rear doors lock / unlock with the remote buttons?

We need a scan to look for errors.

After the scan, fix any errors reported by the Kessy Module. It controls the wireless entry.

If no errors, you go into the kessy module with VCDS and start checking the kessy module.

You should first look at the button presses, the little black button on the doors. Check the front door first. You should see it go to "active" when the little black button is pressed. Check all four doors and don't forget to check the rear door hatch switch.

There is also a setting for when you touch the handle. Monitor the front doors first, as you know they are working. Then check the rear doors.

That is the basic way to trouble shoot the system.
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