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Hoping someone out there has a cc with both the 17 and 18 wheel sets:

Looking at picking up a 2009 VW cc. The 41mm offset for the OEM 17" or 18" is the same -- in spite of the 17" being 7.5 inches wide and the 18" being 8 inches wide.

So I am wondering if anyone in Touaregville, by chance, has monkeyed with tire clearance for the cc wheel wells, because I found a set of OEM 18" wheels, but the offset is 44mm, not 41 mm (I think they are from a 2006 Passat). I looked on the web site and it looks like a 44mm would be better, but I am thinking there may be a reason why both the 17 and 18 inch OEM cc wheels have the same 41mm offset.

Theoretian's responses welcomed.
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