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Hi Guys

All of my mirror motors stopped working when I moved to Indiana last week... (Also AC blower is dead). I checked online of ebay, amazon, ecs... but I only got driver side motor, never find right side motor.

I was think purchasing 2 left side, taking small motors out and put in my old right mirror assembly, but I am not able to open up the motor assembly.

Also, ebay has some kinds of aftermarket mirrors with auto fold function for $150-200. I am sure my 2008 Touareg v6 (Gas) dose not have this function, so I am wondering if any owner here have ever tried those aftermarket mirrors? I just want to control the view angles...

Any suggestion about the mirror motor part numbers? Can I use Q7's motor or Tiguan's?? Or do you recommend me purchasing the aftermarket mirror assembly??

Thank you so much:)
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