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Puddles in the garage.... dangit...

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I just drove my new 2016 in the rain for the first time. A few minutes after I parked in the garage I noticed some huge puddles on the floor.

I’ve never had a vehicle bring this much water in. It wasn’t a heavy rain at all so I can only assume the water is accumulating in the wheel well areas and making its way to the floor. I’m going to have to keep a mop handy or find some sort of floor mats....

Anybody else noticed this?
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Thanks nickyt. I will crawl around under there, once it drys up, and check the drains.
Have you considered condensate from the A/C unit/s? Mine has the 4 zone setup and in wet or humid conditions the garage floor gets very wet.


Definitely not a/c condensation. I just bought this one new a little over a week ago and have never even turned on the a/c.

The way the water was puddled, it appeared to be coming from the inner side of the wheel wells near the suspension and from the tires themselves. The rears were just as puddled as the fronts.

The rain I was in was very light. I had my wipers on a slow intermittent speed and the car had been out for maybe 45 minutes. I hate to see what would happen in a downpour.
Well, I pulled the front wheel well liner back a bit on the front passenger side. I’m seeing some leafy accumulation there. This Touareg is a dealer driven 2016 and may have spent some time near a tree.

I had plans to install my splash guards tomorrow so I’m glad I caught this today. I’m probably seeing normal runoff, from big fat wet tires, plus dripping from plugs clogged with leaves. Tomorrow I will pull the drain plugs and clean everything out.
Thanks guys....
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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