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Puddles in the garage.... dangit...

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I just drove my new 2016 in the rain for the first time. A few minutes after I parked in the garage I noticed some huge puddles on the floor.

I’ve never had a vehicle bring this much water in. It wasn’t a heavy rain at all so I can only assume the water is accumulating in the wheel well areas and making its way to the floor. I’m going to have to keep a mop handy or find some sort of floor mats....

Anybody else noticed this?
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I get a decent amounts of puddles if I bring her (2006) in wet. Check the drains under the front wheel arches and make sure that they are draining ok. It they are partially blocked, then water will back up and slowly release.

It can hold several gallons in there. You want it to drain at full speed. You will get freaking incredibly huge fracking puddles if water backs up into the front cowls, then is slowly draining out after you park inside.
No problem. Where is nooby, by the way? It is very unusual for a "drain" question to pop up and not see nooby as the first one to answer.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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