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Problems associated with White H7 Xenon HID Light Bulbs

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I recently purchased a set of two White H7 Xenon HID Light Bulbs to replace the light bulbs that came with my 2004 treg. I didn't know how to install them myself and the Volkswagen dealership said they would do it for $30. When I took them in the mechanic said that they might melt the light housing and then I would have to replace the whole headlight unit!!!! The specs for the light bulb are Hyper White, 5000K Color Temperature and the Type/Volt/Watt:H7, 12V, 100W. Before I go installing them and possible damaging my vehicle, I was wondering if anyone else had installed bulbs such as these and had any problem with melting the housing or frying the electronic due to the hight wattage and voltage (both are double what the factory bulbs are).
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if they are original xenon lights...they should be 35w...i bought a set of xenon lights...6000k..i the set was the bulbs and two ballasts...for my touareg 2009 v6...they have installed the lights but there was a problem...the computer showing that the light are burned out...
so they installed some little things which they ordered from germany...called "warning canceler" and now they work great....
if you want some little white color buy a set of 4300k - and make sure that they are 35w...
xenon lights should work on 35w...anything more or me...hey are some kind of imitation of xenon :)

good luck
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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