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2006 Touareg 3,0 TdI .
my tailgate (boot door) will not close properly.
i have read most treads on the subject but cannot find answer.
I have replaced both the part in the tailgate , and the actuate strikerpin part in the bottom of car.
The lock in the lid itself is a 2 position lock and it will only engage strikerpin at the first position .
i have tried reposition of strikerpin part , no difference .
Seems like striker pin part also is a 2 position , and mine does not move to the extend position , so it can engage both positions on lock kn lid.
when opening or closing the lid (tailgate ) about 2/3 down it makes a sound and striker pin has a short spasm?.
Why will my new strikerpin not move to second position so it can engage the lock properly.
does this make sense ,
i fear a broken wire some where .
the strike pin part has 3 wires to it
plus , ground , and signal
where does the signal wire run to?

thanks in advance
Touareg Kong.
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