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Today I took the Touareg to the post office, then to Costco, then Lowes, home, out to our country house then over to a party. So 6 starts.

When we were leaving the party I pressed the Start button, seemed odd- felt like there was minimal movement but the Treg started no problem. Got home and pressed it for off and that's when I really noticed that the button was sitting down about 3 mm and the range of motion was minimal.

I have noticed that the passenger seat heater button got stuck once, the wife turned it on and when we tried to turn it off it wouldn't change from high. After a couple taps it popped back up with a noticeable click, and it felt like it was a little delayed. Since then it is working, but each push of the button it pops back up with an audible click and it is obviously sticking a little because there is a definite delay. The other 3 seat heat/vent buttons move freely with no clicking.

Do the center console buttons on the Treg have issues with getting sticky/jammed? I have not spilled anything as I am still in new car mode- no food or drinks in the car- with only 4 weeks of ownership (and don't think it's possible to spill anything on the seat heater button).

Take it to the dealer?
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