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I had not been here for a while but last time was late 2013 and I was looking at V8 Touareg. Since then a bit has changed and I had oportunity to live overseas so I did not push through with a Touareg.
Now that Im back in Australia Im in the market for a car and something has dragged me back to the Touareg.
My work vehicle is a 2015 mine spec Prado which is a great bus but I work a 2 week on 2 week off roster so I only have the Prado for my 2 weeks while Im at work. I work in the oil and gas industry so my driving is remote/rural and up to 4 hrs between gas plants. I have been looking at a new Prado as this is the perfect rig for this type of driving as I moved 4hrs out of Brisbane so I am near work and I can be home at night as opposed to living in a company provide camp and flying in and out to work but something different from what I normally drive would be nice.

The V10 has really captured my attention.
I have spent the morning checking the forum for V10 related posts.
What I have gathered is that thr T1 had some issues like cam wear and center bearings on the prop shaft.
The T2, which I think I have gathered started 2007 had some engine component upgades/redesigns and no center bearing for the drive shaft.
I have also read to check for:
* turbo rebuilds
* cracked exhaust manifolds
* the dual pump at the rear of the engine

Im not shy of vehicles that are expensive to maintain, however no one really wants this and I dont. I have owned a few American pickup even a 6.5 TD GMC here in Australia where some repairs have to be done by someone that has the correct software or tooling.

Is there anything else or any other big ticket items that one should be on the look out for when looking at a V10 Touareg???

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The centre bearing is still there in the T2.

All Touaregs can be expensive to fix and the V10 especially so on the engine front: they don't get cheaper to repair as they get older - just more likely to go tits up!
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