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So, I have read several posts about the potential fixes for my problem but it doesn’t not factor in or indicate my other issue in those fixes. I love my egg and if these issues get fixed I will love my egg 100x more lol. I have a 06 v8. The other issues I don’t think are related and are less complicated. My A/C compressor is seized, lean codes (P0491 & P0492) and my door microswitch needs to be replaced. Please help with my radiator problems.

  1. 1. My fans are running for a short period after the car is turned off. Also, the temp rises fairly quick (it is 95 degrees + outside) to the standard 200 but once my oil gauge starts to rise to its max, the temperature rises past 200, it has never gone to the red (around 240) but I haven’t driven it more than 30 to 45 minutes at the most. After it rises, it will fluctuate between the 200 and 240. I took it to firestone (don’t ask) and they said it needs a new thermostat which is going to be about $1100 which they couldn’t not fix because it takes 10.5 hours to do. In other post people say it’s the temperature sensors which it could be but firestone and another mechanic said the radiator is COLD.
  2. a. Could it still be the temperature sensors although my radiator is cold?
  3. b. If it is the radiator, would it really take 10.5 hours to replace the thermostat?
  4. c. Is it strange they didn’t suggest replacing the water pump and belt as well?
Lastly, is there anyone from in or around Nashville on here and who do you use for your repairs. I truly don’t trust the dealer as they couldn’t fix my P0491 and P0492 problem nor properly diagnose the issues but that’s another topic.
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