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look at the date's! they kept it secret till 27-02-2004?

Reuters / February 27, 2004

Porsche and VW recall SUVs due to wiring fault

STUTTGART, Germany - Porsche said it had recalled 22,158 Cayenne SUVs due to wiring problems on Friday, while Volkswagen said 6,500 of its Touaregs had also needed fixing.

Both vehicles, built on the same platform, had a fault that could lead to a cable fire beneath the instrument panel, but there had so far been no known accidents as a result of the problem, Porsche said.

A spring in the handbrake risked damaging wiring below, a spokesman for Porsche said, adding that the recall by the sportscar maker was voluntary and purely a precautionary measure following long-running tests.

All 22,158 Cayennes produced between its launch in October 2002 and July 2003 will have to return to the workshop, including 11,355 sold in the United States where the off-roader has proved particularly popular.

Porsche said that all owners of the car, which like VW's Touareg has a foot-operated parking brake, had been informed and that the cable could be relocated relatively easily.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States said on its Internet site that the vehicle's main wiring harness had been incorrectly routed, which could lead to the failure of electrical systems and in extreme cases, a fire.

Volkswagen said that since the end of January, it had informed 6,500 European owners of the same problem with its Touareg, which Europe's biggest car maker developed together with Porsche.

In the United States, VW said that the problem had been spotted as early as last summer, ensuring that while 620 Touaregs were affected, most were altered before delivery and only 60 vehicles had to be returned to the workshop.

VW said at the time of the U.S. recall last August that the re-routing of the cable should take about 20 minutes and could be carried out at customers' homes or offices given the small number involved.

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One of the "lucky" 6500...

I was taunting my Cayenne S driving Dad two weeks ago ... so I felt pretty big when I got the recall letter on Monday. :oops:

Fixed yesterday - no big deal. I feel sorry for my poor car - it's spending more time at the lot than I'd like, but there's been no major disasters. At least I get to drive it to the dealer, unlike the rest of the week.
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