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Porsche Running Boards

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Does anyone know if the Porsche Cayenne running boards will fit on the Touareg?
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i would think they fit. i pulled up my touareg next to my grandmothers hotsauce turbo and the side sills looks the same.
grandma drives a turbo! I would think the same but I wanted to find out for sure before I bought any. I guess people aren't to keen on the idea of putting the Porsche boards on a Touareg.
Cayenne running boards fit my Touareg fine!

My VW dealer has fitted the porsche Cayenne running boards on my Touareg, without any problems!
Look at the pics to see how well they fit, and how it enhances my Treg!
(Treg 3.2 V6 black, air suspension, beige leather, chrome package, nav, full options!)


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Would you by chance have a pic of the whole vehicle at a couple of angles also?Please post?
Freez -

Nice pics - I like a lot!!! How would the running boards interfere with the Mud flaps? Looks like they have some kind of build in front mud flaps. Can those be removed? Thanks for the help.

I'm sure you could cut the front plastic and make them fit with the VW mudflaps if you wanted to.
OK - before I run out and drop another $500 - $700, how functional are the running boards in addition to just looks? In my Expedition, I need running boards to "climb" in - and the emphasis is on the word climb. I just don't have that problem with the Treg. It sits almost as low as a car or even a mini-van. But I do have to admit, whether or not they are functional - I will be getting a set because I like the look. So aside from my 90 yo grandma using them to climb in, are they really that functional??? Thanks.

Did you get those Roof Rails from Tregcentral? Were they easy to assemble?
roof rails

No i did not.I got them from They are a dealer here in florida that sells Porrsche and Volkwagen.They are pretty much the cheapest i could find when i had gotten these. $699.00 a set.Plus they have good service.Also i notice that your location is in hong kong.Your best bet would be to get those from your local Porsche dealer as it would be alot more to send them from here in the states to you.
They are fairly easy to put on.You have three feet that go into the rails and the bars fit right on top of them.Then adjust it to where you want them and tighten them down with the bolts that come with them and thats it.
Porsche running boards -2-

The small mud flap on the running boards are placed BEFORE the rear tire, so the mud flaps from VW, which are located behind the tires, should not be any problem! I mounted the running boards so my kids could climb in more easy, and yes, I like the looks of 'm!

Devoman, check out my gallery, I've posted some (quick) pics for you to see! Like your Treg!! Already ordered the roof rails you have, it looks great! :joy:
Running boards

Thanks for the pics.I like the way that looks on the Treg.I to have been thinking about the Running boards also.I might just get these later in the future depending on how the little one is doing on the Step bars i have now.Thanks and nice Treg.I cant wait to see how it looks with the rails on it.
how do these running boards fit as i just bought some cayenne side guards with the same fitment but only got 3 brackets in the kit
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