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Porsche Cayenne 958 coilovers, will they fit same year Toaureg?

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I have heard that the Cayenne and Touareg share the same chassis/suspension.

Does anyone know if 2011-2017 Porsche Cayenne 958 coilovers fit a 2014 Toaureg TDI R Line?
The reason I am asking is, I want to lower my vehicle more than what H&R springs do.
Also, I don't really want to spend or need the adjustability of KW V3's.

Thanks in advance!
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Whelp. Looks like I posted instructions on how to find your thickness here, lol: May 8, 2020
What are the respective part numbers for your front and rear sway bars?
I'm lowered on H&R springs with Bilstein B6, 18z Brembo 350mm front rotors, 368mm rear. Been contemplating upgrading the bars - IF they provide a significant difference in daily driving support
And if you are looking for better handling, get some 19" staggered Cayenne/Panamera wheels and put some 10-15mm spacers on them to widen the track. Your truck will feel like it's on rails compared to stock.

A lot of people don't know that Cayenne and Panamera wheels are the same spec, and will fit Touaregs and Q7s (all are Porsche spec 5x130).

I have a set of Panamera wheels with tires that I had on my Touareg in my basement if anyone wants to buy them. I put the stock wheels on when I sold the truck.
I don't have the Touareg anymore and I didn't note the part numbers.

It's been over 3 years and I don't recall how I determined which sway bars that I had. I think there are colored marks/dots on them, where each color represents a certain thickness. And you can always just measure them with vernier calipers.

Indicates that there are yellow, green, and brown marks. I can't recall which means what thickness. Maybe that's mentioned earlier in this thread.
Yep color bands on the sway bars, like the coil springs.
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