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hello guys :smile2:.... first sorry for my bad english:nerd:
so i have a problem with my touareg 2.5 tdi 2004 with a swaped engin with 180 000klm on it
the problem is i always find a fresh diesel when i open the water cap:crying:
the car starts fine and runs good and it doesnt overheat and doesnt smok either on idling or on full throttle, i drive it every day for like 200klm
i have this probleme for more than 6 months now >:)
i bypassed the fuel cooling system but it got worst
i changed head gasket and checked for craks but nothing
now i am wondering if the tandem pump have any contact with water and can cause this problem??
or if there is any other spots that fuel can be mixed with water
any help or suggestion will be deeply apreciated

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no. Only fuel cooler can have that effect or cracked cylinder head.

I reckon bad fuel cooler. It's between fuel filter and left headlight. It's a small heat exchanger.
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