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hello fellow Treg owners.

firstly I'm so sorry this isn't a intro thread but I'm in need of some help.

my name is Jane and I have a 2004 R5 Tdi which is poorly

my poor car has the 'brake fault stop vehicle message' on the dash.

here's the story
whilst changing the sat navigation unit which broke with a Chinese sat navigation unit. the message appeared. after doing some research I charged the battery just in case that was the problem and went to my local indy (500 yards away) to have the codes read.

he stated it's the control module for the transfer case(J646) has no communication (004)

they checked all the fuses and noticed the ABS had blown.

the Car does come out of 'P' and will drive but really slowly like it's lost all its power. and on the dash I also have a yellow ABS and Traction light.

please could you guys kindly tell me if there is something else I could try as I don't want to spend £1,000s on a control module

thank you in advance and I'm sorry for the lack of intro

Thank you Jane x
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