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Hello everyone, I'm new here and was hoping someone could help me with my question
Whenever I connect my phone (samsung galaxy s6 edge) via bluetooth to my Touareg (2016) the phone acts as though there is no sim inserted. Meaning I cannot make calls through the phone (but I can make the call from the car itself) and more importantly mobile internet also stops working. This means I can't stream music from soundcloud or youtube and have it play via bluetooth media for example, since the internet gets cut off. My texts on viber and whatsapp will also stop coming through as there is no internet until I disconnect bluetooth or stop the car. Only regular SMS and calls come through and show on the car.
When I used to connect my phone to an earpiece accessory, the phone connected to it via bluetooth and kept functioning as normal, which is why I thought this might be a car question as opposed to an android question.
Is this something I can fix or should I be asking on an android forum?

Thanks in advance!

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You are connecting to the car using the rSAP option (remote Sim Access Protocol). rSAP "lends" the SIM card to the car phone and as such the phone itself can't use it. The car phone is 2G and Telstra has shut down their 2G network last December so that's why "No Netwrok" appears on the dash display. Optus and Vodafone are following before the end of the year. So the car phone will be pretty much useless by Xmas.

However, you can still connect via Bluetooth using the "Hands Free" profile instead of the "Car Phone" profile. In HF profile your phone retains it's SIM control and it's data connection, but you can still stream audio to the unit as long as you activate Phone Audio, Media Audio, and Contact sharing on your handset*.

Also ensure that A2DP is enabled in the car's Bluetooth settings.

To convert your phone from CF to HF follow these steps**:

Press "Setup" button
Go into Bluetooth
Go into paired devices
select your phone from the list
Car Phone is probably already enabled, so select "Connect" for the Hands Free option.
Make sure that "A2DP" is ticked/enabled.

That will disconnect the device from CF and connect it as HF.
Back out of all settings and you're done.

From now on, whenever you're in the car with your phone Bluetooth enabled, the car will automatically connect in HF mode, leaving your phone's data connection working.

* I'm using an Android Handset - Apple may call these options something slightly different.
**Note that the name of the onscreen options may vary somewhat depending on your firmware version, but then steps are essentially the same.

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rSAP - MY 2017 - Still 2 G network ??

Hi NenadM,
I have an Australian MY 17, V6 Tdi, build around March 17. I have been trying to connect my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it works fine on HF but no rSAP option appeared when I tried to set-up my wifes phone. My phone was dialled in by the dealer on delivery and works fine on HF. Since then could not find out how to use the rSAP function which seems worthwhile for the aerial connection as I am country based. Saw your comment and am now wondering if the Treg is still set-up for 2G and that is why I cant get any rSAP connection. If not, any suggestions appreciated.


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Hi Kangalew,

Is the Galaxy Note 2 rSAP capable? Not all handsets are.

BTW, there is no "rSAP" option - it's called "Car Phone" on the RNS850.

Irrespective, if you successfully connect via rSAP, you will notice that your handset has no signal and you cannot make a call from the handset itself.

This is unlike the HF mode where you can make calls from the car or the handset.

It would be quite disappointing if an MY17 was still set up for 2G only.

I'd go back to the dealer and ask them to fix your "car phone". Not sure how far you'll get with this approach, but what do you have to lose?

See how you go and post your experience.

Best of luck,

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