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Philips exterior miniature bulbs kit at a great price

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I have decided to offer a kit of the twelve exterior miniature bulbs at an ensemble price. These are the Philips brand bulbs which I offer for the halogen and HID headlights as well.

For the inclusive price of $33, I include the two front amber parking lights, the four amber F/R directional lights, the four stop and tail lights, and the two hard-to-find rear backup lights. This package cost includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to the fifty states and territories, Puerto Rico and APO addresses. Shipments to Canada and elsewhere please call.

I also have the interior bulbs available, although I have not initiated a kit. Altogether, I believe the interior lights would add a fraction of cost to the total, if desired - please inquire if interested?

The Touareg I is one kit and the Touareg II another. They utilize a different front directional bulb.

Call or email me directly at any time if interested or for questions,

Thank you for continued support,



508-788-9409 main
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Additions and corrections

Well, it seems I overlooked an important exterior bulb!

As I was loading the Touareg at Target tonight in the evening hours, what suddenly struck me, but that the license plate lights were accessible, replaceable, and a real part of any exterior kit. (smack to the head)

The bulbs are inexpensive, so they will add but $2 per pair, hence a new kit price of $35 delivered, or $30 if shipped with headlight bulbs or a brake kit.


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