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Phatbox - Compatability

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Is anyone able to say whether the standard radio unit in the Treg V6 is the same world wide? Or, in other words, does the Australian Treg have a different radio?

I am avoiding the cost of purchasing a factory 6 disc stacker (which plugs straight in) due to 1) the cost being some $2600 AUD and 2) I already have a 10 disc SONY stacker that I have already spent good money on not so long ago.

I would however, be prepared to buy a phatbox but they are not available in Oz and would need to import one. However I am also concerned as to whether there would be a compatability problem.

Any pointing in the right direction would be appreciated.
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i would imagine the radios are exactly the same... check a few things

-there should be a plu for the phatbox in the truck behind the passenger side compartment. The phat box is a plug and play item

-the only other compatability issue would be formats of music which is standard world wide.
G'day (from Perth) Jason, just wondering if you've discovered more information on this compatibility.
I have a V8 on order with CD changer but without Sat Nav. A friend has a V6 Luxury on order without CD changer or Sat Nav.
I wonder if;
1. Does the V6 Luxury have the CD changer's cable already there?
2. Does the Phatbox track information show up on the dash information display (monochrome one) - this is important for me as my pet-hate of the car is that I can't see the radio's display when wearing polarised sunnies.
3. Does installing the Phatbox mean that I have to disconnect the CD changer? I am assuming so. If so, I will have one for sale.

Thanks to anyone who can answer above.
The VW/Audi control protocols are, as far as I know, universal for a given radio model in all regions.

The wiring harness for the CD changer is used for the Phatbox, so it is either one or the other.

The connection comes out in the right side compartment at the rear, next to the fuel filler. (Azlinbackr, our “passenger side” is the opposite of yours!)

I have a Nav radio but didn’t have a CD changer from new. When I went to fit the Phatbox, there was no harness there at all, So check before you buy!

I got a cable made up and ran it to the left side compartment (My passenger side!), where there is a lot more space for the Phatbox.

The “proper” fitting looks awful. TOUAREG PHATBOX.pdf

The Phatbox itself is excellent in musical quality terms and everything I have only takes up 30% of the capacity.

I bought mine in the US for well under $400, about a quarter of the European rip-off price, don’t know what Oz prices are like.

The display is a bit disappointing as it only shows track numbers, with the box generating voice announcements as you step through.

I am very happy with mine and I am sure it will work with any original VW radio that supports the CD changer.
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