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04 V8, 93k on it. Two days ago drove it home from work in sub zero temps (-6°F). Pulling into the garage, started smelling burning oil and the cabin was filling up with smoke. Immediately shut it off. Popped the hood to take a look, smoke billowing out. Looked at the gauges to see what temp everything was at (coolant at 200°F & oil at about 160°F), totally fine. After further inspection, found oil leaking from both heads.
Started looking around on here and found my problem is most likely the PCV valve froze and blew out my valve cover gaskets.
Now to the questions. I know all my part #s and where to find them. Does anyone have any recommendations on brand of parts. I'm probably going with the Victor (about $35/per)valve cover gasket sets but there are a lot of different prices for the PCV. Some have a tube with/attached some don't. I've seen on here that there might be an updated version with same part#. ANY help on brands would be appreciated!! Thanks.
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