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Everything, every part is for sale
Located in fulton NY 13069

i also have darker taillights from drivers side and one from pass side.
ill ship anything anywhere.
everything worked but car had low oil pressure and im moving so even if it worked im not taking it from NY to WA.

DOES NOT HAVE PARKING SENSORS, that button is hooked to the LED bar.

The good
Owners manual with off-road CD.
181k Black
anthracite leather
bi xenon
4 corner air
aftermarket nav
Factory hitch and module w hitch adapter
Genuine Porsche wheels, replica center caps x4
Oem vw wheels 18inch x4
Air hose for using onboard compressor
Inflatable spare
Heated seats front
Roof rack with keys

I had planned to keep this another few years so in the last 5k in Florida while I still had a garage I have done the following as part of 175k maintenance.

Because of peeling
New steering wheel controls x2
New A/C unit
New headlight switch
Timing belt pp297LK3 10-3-16
Water pump
H7 bulbs
Knock sensor x1 wasn’t bad but while intake manifold was off.
4 oxygen sensors
Valve cover gaskets x2
Cam chain tensioner and gasket x2
Wiper blades x2
Camshaft position sensors x2
Cam plug seals x2
Coolant temp sensors x2
Pcv valve
Fuel filter
Intake manifold arms and flaps x2
Mafs x2
Air filters x2
Camshaft seals x4
Ignition coils x8
Spark plugs x8
Check valve for brake pump
Brake pump tubing
Battery 1-29-17

Transfer case replaced 2012/13 new old stock not rebuilt.


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PM me price for seats, door panels, and sport/auto/comfort switch. I'm in mid-state PA and could pickup.

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I have 04 V8. BLACK / GRAY INTERIOR. My center (between front seats) console with cushion top and 2 glove box compartments latch is broken. I have been told the whole console needs to be replaced. Do you have the center console with working latches available? Bob Zuch PASADENA, CA

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Why does the check valve for brake pump have to be replaced? I have a code for the pump but it works on vagcom test. It goes on and off on and off repeatedly during the test. Took wiper arms off found no leak, kinda lost on that one.

I could use the hvac fan and regulator. Mine makes noise and will run weak or stop or sometimes run normal then make noise like a plastic on plastic sound making a hum.


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Want to buy the wiper arms and wiper cowl if its not broken. The cowl is the large plastic cover under the wiper arms. Do you have them still?
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