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picked up my new V6 TDI just before xmas and love the parrot bluetooth kit fitted by dealer. Came with instruction book printed by someone else but with VW logos all over it. When pairing, the unit comes up with "parrot v5.11c".
Question is: "what model parrot is this as there is no mention of a v5.11c on the parrot website? ie 9000 or 6000 etc"
Am trying to understand if the parrot unit has voice command capabilty that will enable apple iphone to dial from voice alone without touching the iphone whilst dialling. Am happy with using + and - buttons to get voice dialing to work on palm treo pro but want iphone if it can be made to voice dial somehow.
Thought that if someone could tell me what the v5.11c actually was then I could track down some sort of instruction manual.
Any help appreciated.
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