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Hi All,

I don't post here much but appreciate the tremendous resource the site has been during my journey of V10 ownership. Some context before I get to a few questions, which I hope there is some consensus on.

So I've had my '08 V10 since 2011, bought with 18k miles, now has 62k.

Had faint burning oil smells on DPF regen since 2013. Lately, it's progressed to a small smoke show under the hood and stronger smell. Replaced 1 quart of oil over 8k miles.

Then, suddenly I'm losing a quart over 300 miles. Just had a DPF regen and it is scary. You'd think there was a fire under the hood.

Needless to say I've stopped driving it and started tearing into it with the understanding that the tandem pump is the culprit (endoscope check showed me that oil is coming from above the heat shield between tandem pump and turbo). Bentley procedure is to go from the top, removing intake manifold and egr system.

Dealer says they need to drop the engine to do the repair.

At first I thought "BS- I've read about folks on ClubTouareg doing it from above in 5 hrs, start to finish". Now I agree with them... maybe those that have done it had the earlier configuration without the spider-like egr valve and cooling system? Not sure.

I abandoned this effort after about an hour after assessing how tight everything is around the egr system and cooler. Access to stainless vacuum line bracket, rear coolant tube support, and the egr plumbing seem, to my ability, extensive tool selection, and hand size, impossible.

I have done every repair on every car I've ever owned that wasn't under a factory warranty, so this is a bit of an ego blow.

That being said, Armstrong VW here in Portland quoted me $2500 for R&R of the engine, which seems reasonable.

I have a tandem pump from 1st VW Parts. And some gaskets I likely won't use unless I get dealer to hot tank/clean egr and intake parts.

So to the questions:

What would higher mileage v10 owners recommend I do while the engine is out?

Are the turbos really that bad that I should replace @ 62k miles?

If I do turbos, should I be thinking rebuild or upgrade mine, or stick with new stock replacements?

Any other considerations?

My short list:

-Turbo replacement
-clean intakes/egr
-replace drive couplings for AC compressor/alternator
-o2 sensors
-valve cover seal on passenger side (also seems to be leaking)
-grease connectors for front air suspension, as read somewhere on this forum some time ago, since they tend to corrode
-detail engine, and engine bay

Input is greatly appreciated, especially on the turbo replacement yes/no.

Hope everyone has had a great holiday season so far, and happy new year to all!!


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FWIW, I replaced pcv valve on the leaking side for shiggles an SUV leak is virtually gone.

I went from a standing puddle after 10 min of sitting idle to a drop here and there.

I'm monitoring this and if it solves the issue then hope it's helpful to someone out there.

My worry is that if it was a plugged/stuck pcv, there will be a residual leak from the valve cover gasket.

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you can remove the cooler with the pipes. i just took off my oil cooler housing for oil leaks, it has 160k miles. i also had a water leak, anyone experiance oil and water leak from this seal 07Z198389
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