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Registration is now open for the 2008 Colorado Touareg 4x4 Rally, July 21-25 in Ouray, Colorado.
Please copy and paste the following form and email it to [email protected] .



To reserve your place in this year’s Rally, please provide the information requested below, then email to:

[email protected]

Registration confirmation will be provided to you via email.

** Space is limited to 22 vehicles **
** Registration is closed, June 22, 2008 **

- Please email the following information to [email protected]

Your first name:
Your last name:
The names of other attendees in your party:
Mailing address:
Contact telephone number (primary)
Contact telephone number (alternate)
Email address:
Secured lodging: (Y/N)
Location of lodging:
Expected arrival date:
Expected departure date:
Level of off-road experience (see below):
(format - never done this before; beginner; intermediate; advanced)
Have required full-size spare tire: (Y/N)
Permission to use your information in a roster to be handed out at the Rally: (Y/N)
User Name on / VWVortex (optional):


Please email this information to [email protected]

Information you provide is for organization and registration purposes only.

We will keep ALL of the information private and will ONLY release as needed and with permission.

Attendees may be requested to sign release of liability for attendance during the 2008 Rally.

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Registration is now CLOSED for the 2008 Rally.
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