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Oils are not always Oils ---

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How I found out there are (at least) two different Oil Filters on a V6 TDI

I had this great idea on how to modify the Oil Filtration system on my V6 TDI and it involved fitting a braided hose to the cover of the Oil Filter housing. Rather than muck around with my existing filter assembly, I decided to buy another from a wrecker (breaker) and use that as a prototype/test-bed unit.

So of to Ebay and purchased a used Mahle Filter Assembly for a Touareg/Q7/Cayenne and it arrived 5 days later from Germany. Excellent service.

Well now the fun begins, as although this unit is identical in every aspect, except for ONE! I now find there are two types of Mahle Filter Assemblies, mind you they both bare the same product code and item numbers.

The first type, as fitted to my Touareg, uses a square section seal between the body and the cap, and the alternate uses an “O” ring seal, and they appear not to be interchangeable. BUGGER! So much for my prototyping..back to the drawing board, as I don't feel like buying another and risk have two useless spare parts.

Below are a couple of photos to show the difference. If anybody wants a spare they are welcome for the cost of the postage....



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My 2008 has the round section 'o' ring.
Interested in a spare? Postage cost only.... not much use to me.

There is no difference in the sealing of the filter housing using the square 0-ring or the round o-ring. They both will seal. Round o-rings are used in hydraulic system for umpteen years as the square type up to 3000 psi. Square o-rings are usually used on applications where there is a bit of debris present on the sealing surface. Round o-rings are usually used in a more universal application, with ease of assembly, service comes into play. Housing tolerances will also come into play. The pressure is low enough in engine where a softer seal will seal better
Materials will also make a difference. Buna, viton, carbon, polyurethane, silicon, etc...
I guess, what I am trying to say is that, if the filter housing and associated seal is used in the filter receptacle, then it will seal exactly the same.

I understand everything you say.

However my intent was to buy a second unit to work with as a "prototype" and I was surprised to find that after a certain chassis number in mid MY08 they actually changed from a square section seal to an "O" Ring. I was simply stating that being unaware of this I had unfortunately ended up with a component which was not "like-for-like" with mine. It appears that the seal change only involves the lid as the base part numbers appear to be unchanged.

If anybody is interested........

Cap with square seal - P/N 057 115 433 (filter to suit P/N 057 115 561 L )
Cap with O-ring - P/N 057 115 433 A (filter to suit P/N 057 115 561 M )

Filter Body - 057 115 373 B (common to all)

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