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I just want to share my experience with this problem on my Touareg 1 FL.

Context :
- Electrical blackout (see post "Electronic blackout Touareg I Fl 2007") few weeks ago cause by water under the conductor foot during tropic rain season => solve with exploration and repair of the connections in the wire-loom under the conductor foot floor)
- recent and good quality battery (< 1 year)

The problem (appears several days after solving the electric problem and nothing special since that time) :
- No oil temperature on the left side of the dashboard and fault on the dashboard main screen

Observation :
- Oil level on the motor checking was good
- I saw corroded fuses on the left fuse boxe

My solution :
- I cleaned each fuse and connection of the two main fuse boxes

I thinks it went from the fuse box on the left of the dashboard, but I confess I don't have any idea of which fuse is the cause of the malfunction !!!

Result :
The oil temperature sensor works fine and I have no (electric) problem since I did it.

I plane to change all of the fuses of the two main fuse boxes to prevent new problem.

Have a good day !

Ps: please be indulgent for my poor English.

2014 Touareg 3.6 V6 Rline
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This is happening to me. The grommets in the wheel wells get clogged with gunk. When it rains they back up and overflow onto the footwell on the drivers side, where there’s a wire that gets corroded and all electrical hell breaks loose. The electrical modules stop communicating and the truck locks itself in Park.
Open up the wire loom and find the loose corrode wire and heat shrink. Clear all the gunk out of the bulkhead drains

once fixed, I’m also getting a Temp Sensor light and the gauge stops working.

The Fuse in location 50 is for the oil temperature Sender. I am going to pull it tommorrow and replace. Here’s the fuse box info

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