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Hello all, Great forum, what a wealth of info. First let me say thanks for sharing all of your collective knowledge. I have learned more than i could have imagined in the past week.
I took delivery of a 2004 V8 a week ago (300 miles so far, nothing bad yet Hehe) and I found this forum a few days ago, so pardon me if this topic has been discussed before. This will be my first post.
After the vehicle is parked for a short time, the oil temperature cools down even though the coolant temp. is still pretty much normal. One would think that the oil would stay warm longer, even after the coolant(block) has cooled off. For example, after being parked for 1/2 hour, the coolant temp. reads 150-180 degrees and the oil temp. is all the way down to the minimum. Is the oil cooling system that efficient or am I missing something? Do others experience the same thing?
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