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I got an V10 2005 with an oil leak around right side in back of engine and its not the dualpump, i have changed that piece and checked with fiberscope? (is it the correct name?:confused:) and its completly dry now.
It comes alot of oil, 2 litres in 2000 km.:anger:​
I can not see were it comes from, i suspect the turbo.
Does anyone have experience with this diffuse leakage?Bow Down
I now that i got to take the engine and gearbox down to change turbos and change both at the same time. But, is it the turbo that is leaking?
But could it be that it is still possible to do from the top?

This weekend i will check for leak from valve cover seal.
And at my spring break (Week10) i am planning for dropping the Engine down.
I really dont want to do that!
Bow Down Any one with experience? I need a guide.
I can do the dropping at my work, but it's certainly not something I look forward to do.

I want to drive snowmobile with my kids instead.

In my experience, when the turbo is worn out it bluesmokes alot. It does not smoke much.

I have found 2 used turbos that have low mileage for a reasonable price and everything should cost around 1200 USD.
Xcuse for bad English, it is 34 years ago i had English at school.

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I cannot help on the mechanical side but your English is a million per cent better than my Swedish!!

Hope you get it all fixed soon.

This guy is a bit of a hero in the V10 world . . .

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