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Mine is a 2015 tdi with 14800 miles, the light came on today showing 1 1/4 quart low, i stopped at the dealer and they indeed add 1 1/4 quart to top it, that mean it took 1 1/4 quart per 6000 mile,

when i asked the service rep if it was normal, he checked the VW fuel consumption spec on is PC and i was stund by the answer.

For the VW Touareg 2015 TDI, Volkswagen is saying that the normal oil consumption is half a quart per 600 mile, wich is ridiculous IMO
Thats what i was told by VW as well and thought it was crazy! For the average driver who has no idea on checking on these maintenance items. They'll be empty by the recommended oil change interval.

Mine is a VR6. I switched to Castrol 5w-40. So far its been about half quart for 2700 miles and counting.
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