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According to many diesel manuals I've seen and this quote found on a Ford Diesel page,
"Once the rings and cylinder have 'mated,' they will have worn away a considerable amount of their roughness. They will wear slower than they did when they were new. This reduced wear rate indicates the end of break-in, and a decrease in oil consumption should be obvious to the owner / operator."

This means for our diesel, You will see the consumption get less as it gets to the 25,000 mile mark. Diesels also consume more oil than gasoline engines because the oil is used for more than just lubrication and a little cooling. In diesels, oil provides (in many cases) over 30% of the overall cooling, lubrication and cylinder/piston carbon cleansing. The modern diesels, though much closer to gasoline than the 70's, have a much wider tolerance between the piston/rings and cylinder to aid in cooling and evacuation of contaminants allowing more oil to be consumed in the combustion process.

This is a long general truth of diesels to say, until you have over 30,000 miles...I wouldn't worry. Every once a year or so, depending upon driving conditions, I get a low oil in my wife's Q7 with 130,000 miles. I haven't had a low oil on my Treg, and I have 156,000 miles.
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