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I just bought a 2011 V6 3.6l Executive Touareg.

Fault codes are the following


First, there is an air hissing sound coming from the driver side dash. I believe this is a seal failure on the brake booster/cylinder. There is no other vacuum leaks after checking so this probably causing the p050700 fault code.

Second, I cannot find the aux water pump for code p261a00. I’ve looked behind the alternator and near the thermostat housing. Can’t be found.

Any ideas where it might be? Don’t confuse it with the water valves behind the engine block.

Third, this VR6 is consuming a QT every 800-1000 miles. Engine block/oil pan is bone dry. No smoke coming out of the tail pipes either.

I did a coolant flush and changed the spark plugs (plugs were extremely bad) which slowed the oil consumption. Even though the spark plugs were bad they were not blacked out by oil. That confirms no oil leaking into the combustion chambers.

Any ideas on this? Warn blades on the coolant pump? Could cause the engine to run hotter than normal.

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