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Is anybody here in socal want to participate in an off roading class ?
I contacted Tom from . here're the details :

"Thanks for your inquiry. The next class is March 6, 2004. (additional dates
are on my web site It is a one-day (all day) class and
is held near Gorman, CA in the Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation Area.
We start at 8:00 AM and will finish about 5:00 PM. When you register, I will
send a detailed email with driving instructions, meeting location, items to
bring, etc. The cost is $65.00 per person. This clinic is specifically
designed to meet the needs of novice off-road drivers or someone with a bit
of experience who is looking for a more complete understanding. In the class
we will cover basic information about 4WD vehicles, just enough to
understand what is going on. We will cover a lot of safety and environmental
concerns. But the largest part of the class is driving technique to get you
through a variety of terrain. I provide handouts of the material covered.
Here is a list of items we will cover: Off Road Vehicles, How 4WD Works,
Driving Technique, Safety, Pre Run Check, Survival & Peace of Mind Kits,
Options & Accessories, Getting Unstuck / Winching, Post Trip maintenance,
Trail Etiquette & Tread Lightly.
The class will answer these questions and many more questions:
· What is the critical difference you need to understand about operation of
4WD systems?
· What do you need to avoid, when descending a steep Hill?
· What impact does an automatic transmission have on off-road driving?
· How can you improve your traction by 250%?
· How deep can you safely cross water?
· What is the most important safety item you can bring?
· What are the 10 ways to effect vehicle recovery?

You need only a stock SUV or 4WD. The class is about 4 hours of classroom
and 4 hours of behind the wheel practice. Hungry Valley has a practice area
for 4WD that we will use. Everyone has a lot of fun. It is a great way to
learn about your vehicle and build confidence.

If your spouse/ friend can come, the additional fee is only $35.00 (riding
together in the same vehicle). "

I am seriously considering this. I think the price is very reasonable. I'd like to have some other Touaregs over there with me. is anybody interested ?

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I'd love to go, but I'll have to wait until later in the year.

Too much stuff is going on in the near term :crazy:

If you go, please post a report, as I (and probably others) are very interested.

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