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Hi all,

I've had my 09 3L TDI Altitude for two and a half years and still loving the drive both on and off road.

I've made a few changes and additions to the stock setup, some of which I've modelled on others projects to date but some which I've slightly ad lib'd.

  • Wheels - downsized to 18" and upsized the sidewall with Grabber AT3s
  • removed the side skirts, de-rusted and repainted with rust treatment followed by raptor paint
  • swapped out the Altitude front and rear bumpers for the SE style ones to give better approach/exit angles
  • I got hold of a second bumper iron and welded on attachments for a winch plate onto which I've placed a 13500lb rhino winch which is wired in unfused via a dead switch under the bonnet
  • I managed to find some original cayenne side step/sill protectors which I reconditioned but I got concerned that these would be too liable to denting so they will be up for sale shortly
  • I've fabricated 3 section full length 3mm steel skid plate, a rear diff plate and a removable front bumper plate which will shortly go up to a bar attached to the tow points, this front plate and bar will only be attached for off road driving as I think it would breach the UK laws
  • I've fabricated rockslides/tree bars to prevent sill damage

Future plans
  • rear swing spare carrier
  • 2" lift
  • increase tyre diameter to the max 31"
If anyone has any pics of their spare carrier feel free to post them below so I can glean any ideas :)

Some pics off the work so far:

Winch install:



My underbody protection - back from galvanising





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For the winch ideas check out thread big bad mud tyres ... Alex made one ... cant remember how many pics he had though of work done to fab up.

with the winch install pic ..... whats the go with the little blue Ikea kids bowl on the left hand side of the pic ?

Where did you install the winch control box ? I've just had mine relocated from on top of the winch to in the engine compartment as if something dies in it i can get to it easy. I had to faff around and take the bumper off to fix PIA !!!
Thanks Odessa,

Alex’s build thread is a source of inspiration!!

The ikea bowl was to stop the rain going into the intake overnight.

My control box is mounted to the side of the winch on a custom bracket. I dismantled it and re assembled it having waterproofed it fully. At home getting the bumper off seems to only take 5 mins so not too much of an issue as lo as long as nothing go wrong off road! I’m thinking of putting an extension in for the winch clutch that would be accessible by lifting the bonnet... means I don’t have to take the grille off to release/lock.

Nice constructs for the protection... what are the plates made from? Ali?

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Such a good concept - hadn't thought of dropping it to the side...

You guys get the benefit of the 2inch receiver whereas we get a custom towbar vertical attachment option... your's is I believe much more versatile to add on to.

I suppose I could try and find a alternative rear bar?

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