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Met some friends that live in the charlotte area for lunch here in Atl. They drove their Mini and left the Xterra at home. We swapped cars for a few runs after lunch....lets just say I've converted another couple ; )

She (jill) gets in the car, lets it idle/warm up...slowly pulls out of the lot and totally mats it right outta the lot!! *braaaapp, braaaap, braaap* We're grinning ear to ear....'guess, we know who the lead foot in the familly is' --> cue ferris bueller....'so [/i]thats how it is in your family'....

I pull out and let the Mini stretch its legs. A super exciting in town car for the buck. Once the s/c kicks in, it really wants to go. Lots of seat of the pants fun. Wife loved it.

Lastly, we talked about 4x4'ing/car camping. Anyone have any great trails, novice level, in the southeast? I'd love to test my skills and learn without fouling something up.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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