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Not starting and message "Depress brake pedal!"

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I have a Touareg 2008, which is not cranking or starting, while lights, and electronics get on. There is a message in the display panel which says "Depress brake pedal!". I have tested the battery and it is good. I had the computer reset and the car started, but after 1 or 2 weeks the problem happened again. I need to reset the computer to have the car start but it will work normally for another 1 or 2 weeks and then it won't start. Any help? Thanks
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i have same problem ," depress brake pedal" light on dash but won't start at all even after disconnecting battery and brake lights go on and off when pedal pressed . doing my head in anybody help please:
hi, 07 touareg 3 lt diesel auto, i'm in dublin, ireland . trying to get vcds scan but hard to get mobile electrician here . thanks in advance for replying and any advice
hi all,got it sorted myself, turned out to be battery isolater box, [small black box beside battery designed to ignite airbags and stop power to starter in accident] i put small cable between the two contact posts and teg started first turn. ordered new isolater box and now car starting no problem. might help somebody else in with same problem
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could not reset my one [07 v6 facelift model] and bought cheap new one [bangood chinese crap] which worked for a week and blew so paid vw stealers for genuine one and has worked fine since , fingers crossed . thanks
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