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Not a legit off-road vehicle because of Tires!

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After six months of ownership in Colorado and purchasing a loaded V8 Treg for it's alleged off-road ability, besides numerous defects such as the TPMS, Gear Workshop warnings, seats, Air suspension, lumbar and other electronic breakdowns...I'm completely frustrated :chainsaw: by the fact that you can't purchase legit. off-road tires such as a BFG All-Terrain. I recently pinch flatted a tire for the third time hitting a curb turning around! Twice before on trail the tires flatted on mild rocks, even air-down at at low speed. I'm a very experienced off-road driver, having taken training courses with Bill Burke's 4wd America, and participated in off-road seminars and clubs for the past ten years. It's obvious the Germans no nothing about true off-road driving or they'd have offered a 16 inch wheel with the ability to put a larger sidewall. Those considering larger wheels such as 20s should be well advised that their Treg's limited off-road capability will be severely compromise. Tires and Wheels are the weak link to this vehicle!
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TREGinginCO is right,
Think about it Bob, what the ABS sensors are looking for is difference in wheel speed, not overall wheel speed. If each tire is off by the same amount then there is nothing for the computer to get confused about. Yes, your speedo will be off, so that might play with the GPS some, but other than that you should be in the clear.

Why are you so set on the BFGs? Looks? If most of the time you drive is on pavement I would suggest getting the revos over the BFGs. Yes, they don't look quite as good but there is no comparison on road espcially in the wet. Offroad performance is also amazing. I made it through this wet clay hole with my stock sized 265/70/16 Revos after it had been dug out twice by 305/70/16s.

Just trying to help! :D

Just saw noticed your sig and saw your posts over on VWV. Love the LC! I can't wait til I turn my Runner into a trail rig!
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The Pirelli Scorpion A/T 235/65 R17T work very well OffRoad for me. The clearance between 17'' wheel and the brakes is minimal but as spockcat mentioned: 17'' works on V8.


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