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Not a legit off-road vehicle because of Tires!

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After six months of ownership in Colorado and purchasing a loaded V8 Treg for it's alleged off-road ability, besides numerous defects such as the TPMS, Gear Workshop warnings, seats, Air suspension, lumbar and other electronic breakdowns...I'm completely frustrated :chainsaw: by the fact that you can't purchase legit. off-road tires such as a BFG All-Terrain. I recently pinch flatted a tire for the third time hitting a curb turning around! Twice before on trail the tires flatted on mild rocks, even air-down at at low speed. I'm a very experienced off-road driver, having taken training courses with Bill Burke's 4wd America, and participated in off-road seminars and clubs for the past ten years. It's obvious the Germans no nothing about true off-road driving or they'd have offered a 16 inch wheel with the ability to put a larger sidewall. Those considering larger wheels such as 20s should be well advised that their Treg's limited off-road capability will be severely compromise. Tires and Wheels are the weak link to this vehicle!
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MountainLord said:
Yeah, I was doing a three point turn in my neighborhood at a pretty slow speed. Guess it was the angle or the fact that the Nitto Terra Grapplers have an incredibly weak sidewall. Just wish I could find a way to put a larger tire, preferably a BFG. :confused2:
I have a set of 265/70R17 BFG AT I plan to trial fit to my wifes Treg... hopefully later this week, if the 17's arrive. The'll be tight, maybe require some minor clearancing, but at least it will be known.
In theory, the BFG's should sneak in there. Being 1" larger, and having .75" of clearance remaining on the next size down... :)

The wheels I have on the way are 8.5" wide w/ a 35mm offset, that may cause some issues???? Minor rubbing of the liner is really not a huge deal to me, plastic is easy to "clearance. We'll be running 33" tires before you know it!
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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