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Not a legit off-road vehicle because of Tires!

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After six months of ownership in Colorado and purchasing a loaded V8 Treg for it's alleged off-road ability, besides numerous defects such as the TPMS, Gear Workshop warnings, seats, Air suspension, lumbar and other electronic breakdowns...I'm completely frustrated :chainsaw: by the fact that you can't purchase legit. off-road tires such as a BFG All-Terrain. I recently pinch flatted a tire for the third time hitting a curb turning around! Twice before on trail the tires flatted on mild rocks, even air-down at at low speed. I'm a very experienced off-road driver, having taken training courses with Bill Burke's 4wd America, and participated in off-road seminars and clubs for the past ten years. It's obvious the Germans no nothing about true off-road driving or they'd have offered a 16 inch wheel with the ability to put a larger sidewall. Those considering larger wheels such as 20s should be well advised that their Treg's limited off-road capability will be severely compromise. Tires and Wheels are the weak link to this vehicle!
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Using the below link to figure out the diameter, the width is ok, but the total diameter will be 31.60". Science Geek put on Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos 265/65/17 and his diameter was 30.56" and his post indicates about 3/4" clearance at the back wheel well and 1" at the front. So you might be rubbing with those size tires.

You can read about science geeks experience at
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