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I was changing the air filter on my 2009 V6 Treg, when I came upon a black box in red mesh looking like a bluetooth device. I had previously thought my vehicle did not have bluetooth capabilities, however seeing this I'm more curious. Pictures are below. I've tried looking online for answers but can't come up with anything concrete. Does anyone know more about this device and its capabilities?

I have a RNS510.


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Where do you find the part number? And from what I could see, yes. All cables were attached

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Control Module Part Number 1K8-051-730-B
Official Retrofit Part Number 1K0-051-437.

reference: Telephone Retrofitting - Ross-Tech Wiki

You should get a VCDS scan of your vehcile to determine that the Telephone Gateway is actually in existance. I am suspecting that the Volk-L unit is Volkswagen's basic Blue tooth unit (also known as 9W2). if it is, there will be no control/visual interface with MFD or the head unit.

“bluetooth Connectivity” 9W2is Volkswagen’s basic option. It allows users to communicate with their Bluetooth system through the buttons installed within easy reach of the driver. It does not include voice commands.
Initial Setup – “Pairing”
1. Switch on the customer’s Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone and the vehicle’s ignition. (This makes the Bluetooth “visible.” You must pair the system and phone within the five minutes it remains visible.)
2. Activate the Bluetooth feature in the phone and initiate a search for Bluetooth devices or audio enhancements.
3. Select ‘VW UHV’
4. Enter the Bluetooth pass code ‘0000’ on the phone. (On some phones, you will need to confirm the connection separately.)
5. Optional: To allow the phone and Bluetooth to connect automatically, set the Bluetooth system as an “authorized device” in the phone’s Bluetooth menu.
6. The Bluetooth system is now paired with the phone and ready for use. The pass code is not needed to connect the devices again.
Please see the user guides of the Bluetooth system and your mobile phone for more detailed descriptions.

Place a Call
1. To place a call, enter the number on your phone, or find the contact in your phone’s phonebook.
2. Press the green call button on your phone. The phone will immediately “ring” through the Volkswagen sound system.

Answer a Call
1. When connected to the Bluetooth system, an incoming call will mute the car radio and the ringtone will sound over the car speakers (if enabled).
2. To answer the call, press once on the phone button. You can now speak hands-free in your car and hear your call over your car speakers.

Ignore a Call
To ignore an incoming call, press and hold the phone button for more than 2 seconds.
end a Call
To end a call, press the phone button once.
Switch to Private Mode
To switch to private mode during a call, press and hold the phone button for more than 2 seconds.
Stream Music
If the phone supports “Advanced Audio Distribution Profile” (A2DP), music stored on the phone can be played over the radio or radio navigation system through the car speakers.
1. On the cell phone, select the music playback mode (such as “play via Bluetooth”), then select the device “VW UHV.”
2. Press the button on the radio or radio navigation system to select the media menu.
3. On the phone’s music menu, select the desired songs/playlist and press “play.” The music will begin The music plays on the Volkswagen sound system. When receiving an incoming call or placing a call, the music will pause and the phone call audio will be heard over the car speakers. When the call ends, the music will restart.
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