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My Toureg just turned over 2000 miles - and I love it. I have the V6 which unlike some others I find has plenty of pep in S mode. I do have some small problems that I am "collecting" for my 5k service, including;

fog in the rear tail light

passenger side door does not unlock (all other doors/rear do)

Interior "door lights" randomly come on while driving (bad door catch?)

Radio ocasionally switches between AUX and Radio (very rarely)

I once got a Water heater temp sensor error message (it happened once going over a speed bump) - I just want a record of it occurring on file in case it pops up again.

Lastly- my drivers side seat is rubbing against my center console unless the seat is set at the lowest level - the noise is starting to drive me nuts. It's not particularly loud just a constant low level creaking... is this a big deal to fix? I assume that the seat rails are slightly off? The seat is over stuffed? A small rodent is trapped between the seat and the console. Any one else experience/fix this problem?

Again, all these problems are minor- I love this vehicle.
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