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I had a confluence of events whereby by two batteries and key all went bad about the same time. New battery in key and then brand new batteries front and rear. As the batteries were failing all sorts of odd lights and other warnings were happening, including the alarm going off while car was running. After battery replacement the car no longer seems to recognize the key. No dash lights no nothing until I hooked up jumper cables and "Poof" everything turns on, she cranks up and runs fine - no problem - until I stop. Same thing. Somehow hooking up jumper cables activates interior and everything works fine. Cranks strong starts and runs like NOTHING is wrong.
Third time - crank the key and nothing. No crank. all other dash, radio, windows, ect work.
The batteries have been removed and checked. No issues.
I purchased an OBD11 scanner that should test all systems and reprogram systems as needed. When connected to the port is acts as though scanning but says "computer not responding" after running through its 40 plus system checks. A friend suggested I pull out the computer and send it into VW to have it erased. Could this be the key? A Relay? The ECM?
I'm baffled. I'm a competent mechanic but electronics (wiring) is not my strong suit.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really miss my TREG.

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Don't know or care to know anything about obd11.....
Ask your friend which of the two ECUs he wants to to send in for erasing....
After that, get yourself a VCDS so you can actually see something, get some support, etc.
Do you have wiring diagrams? Have you looked at the SSP describing how the power system works?
There are several things that could be an issue.... dual batteries, kill switch, relays, etc.....
IF you can't comprehend wiring, this might not be the troubleshooting you want to get into.
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