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I recently purchased a 2010 Touareg TDI V6 - It came with a remote starter that doesn't seem to function. I had someone take a look at it yesterday and they said that the wiring was all good, it was just the remote needing to be paired with the system - but because it's some no-name brand, I can't search for the programming instructions.

I've been trying different methods, and I think I'm onto something. Here's the sequence I have had luck with:

1) Ignition on/off three times

2) Press and hold the antenna program button (the box beeps 5 times and the antenna has a constant non-stop flash)

3) Generally this means the box is in learn mode, but whenever I press on the remote, nothing happens.

4) I then let off the antenna button, and press it once more to get it out of learn mode (and the box beeps once more and the flashing stops).

5) When I pull the key out of the ignition, I get a final long "beep" and then the antenna returns to flashing as normal.

So I'm close, but not close enough. There must be a step I'm missing. I could invest in a new system, but since this one is already setup I'm really hoping I can get the programming done.

Any ideas? Or has anyone seen this brand system? It must be a Canadian brand of some sort since it has both English and French text on the sticker.


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