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2011 T3. Not sure what model head unit I have. First tried to connect after Bluetooth didn't automatically connect. Connect would just fail. I noticed on device list mine and my wife's profiles were both gone. 4 other profiles showing were 3 people that I know that have connected before and then one random profile that said named "Hi." Which I thought was strange. Wasn't able to delete any of the profiles would just say "could not delete" or similar. I even tried the delete all option with same results. I have tried the 5 button reboot several times.
Approx 1-2 weeks prior, my wife complained that head unit would randomly reboot itself on multiple occasions. I did the 5 finger reboot and it seemed to stop the random rebooting issue but now we have Bluetooth issue. Anyone have ANY idea? I'd REALLY hate the expense to replace this pos! Thanks in advance

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