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new VW adblue hose

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just picked this up at the dealer today. Its designed to attach to the 10L adblue jug you get at your dealer one one end, and screws into the adblue filler cap on the other end. works like a dream. overengineered without a doubt, but spill proof and hassle free adblue fills. i think it was 15 bucks or something like that.

one word of warning, make sure you fully screw in the end at the adblue cap, the nozzle has a lockout (just like the small bottles) so it needs to be all the way in for fluid to flow.


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The compatible jug has a black cap: G-052-910-A4 and is a 10L jug.

The 2.5 Gal / 9.46L white cap jug is not compatible with 000-012-499.
We may have a USA vs. Canada issue. While at my VW dealer today for the 50k mile service, I ordered the hose 000-012-499. The parts guy had not heard of the hose, but was able to look it up with the P/N I gave him ($21.00). It should be here tomorrow. I also bought a large jug of VW AdBlue (GUS-052-910-A3, 2.5 gal/9.46 l, $10.70). The jug has a white cap. The parts guy said the black cap jugs were no longer available (he could look it up and see it a picture of the black cap jug on their computer). So, when the hose comes in I'll see if it fits the white cap jugs. If not, and if the black cap jugs are really not available here, then I'll see if I can return the hose.

BTW - I also bought a new engine air filter (059-198-405). Only $10.95. :)
Can't say why your dealer can't get the G-052-910-A4 jug , But it was available at this online dealer. Hope this helps.
Thanks. I see the black cap jug is available, but the price is more than twice the white cap jug. Import? When the hose comes in I'll check with my dealer's parts guy and see if they can order the black cap jug by part number. It may be that they just do not stock the black cap jug.
Well, the good news is that when my AdBlue hose came in, the VW dealer parts guy told me that they are going to start carrying the 10 liter jug that fits the hose as a standard in-stock item. The bad news is that for some reason the 10 liter jug will cost about twice what the 2.5 gallon/9.46 liter jug costs ($11 vs. $20+). So, the choice will be to buy the 10 liter jugs that fit the hose (and pay twice as much for the AdBlue), or buy ONE 10 liter jug and then reuse it by refilling it with the 2.5 gallon jugs. Whichever, this will make refilling the AdBlue tank simpler than using a Kruse bottle with the bottom cut out (what I did this time) and much cheaper than paying the dealer to perform this simple maintenance item (I think my dealer charges about $60 to refill the tank).
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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