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I just bought a 2007 V10. Picked up in Colorado and drove it to LA on a mission to pick up a bunch of Porsche parts from friends along the way. Great car, goes like hell

Problems along the way. I started to add a bit coolant about 50 miles south of Vail. A bit more in Flagstaff. Went to the local VW dealer, they could not find any issues so I was good to go
Got to Barstow, more coolant, Arrived in Anaheim, more coolant. Bought a new tank cap from an Audi dealer. More coolant. Went to the VW Dealer in Torrance. They have a tech that understands V10's
He thinks it could be a head gasket. I left the car there, rented a car and drove home to the Bay Area
Bit disappointed with my very cool car
Any suggestions?
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