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My wife and I just picked up our new Touareg on Wednesday (12/31) and are really happy with it so far. We got the V6 as I couldn't justify the $6,000 upgrade to the V8.... even though the V8 is a sweeeeet engine.

I look forward to learning a lot from this site and laughing a bit along the way.

Also, how does one post an image to this site????
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Link most forum servers, images have to be linked in from a hosting site. Whatcha planning to post pics of?

Edit: I completely forgot about the photo albums, :oops: Thanks for straighting it out azlinbackr
Hey welcome to the site. There are a few ways to post images. you can start your own photo album by click on the "photo albums" link on the left side of the page. also you can attach images to threads that you post on the site. This is done by scrolling down, when typing a thread, to "Browse" find the file on your computer and click on it. Then click the "add attachment" button and let the image upload. Then submit the thread if you are done typing it.

You want to keep in mind when posting pics to keep them relatively small, Jpeg seems to work well but there are several file extensions that will work. If you have any other Q's let me know!
Welcome TREGinCO

Welcome to the Touareg family! I did them same thing and find the V6 more that adequate here in Colorado. Just spent two days in Breckenridge in the deep snow. Touareg handled like a dream!
If I did more heavy towing, then a V8 or V10 would be in order.

If you see me on the road, I have one of the only Blue Silver V6's around so far, so wave! I'm in Highlands Ranch.
I love my V6... I also had no way to convince myself of the V8/$8000 upgrade
Mike said:
I love my V6... I also had no way to convince myself of the V8/$8000 upgrade
I really, really wanted a V8, but couldn't cost justify it. I'm very happy with my V6 though, and now that I have it I've convinced myself that I had no need for the V8 at all.

Similarly, I really wanted the Nav system. But given that I know my way to work and back, and after reading reviews of it's capablities here and on othe forums, I'm glad I didn't spend the extra ca$sh.
To Aircooled

I live in Parker and spend quite a bit of time running around in the south metro area.

I have a Reed Green V6 and will be putting on a Club Touareg sticker as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Happy Driving.
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