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Hello Everybody,

after four years of VW GTI( it was a 2007) my family convinced me to pull the trigger on the new Touareg 2011 V6 Sport, I do not drive enough to justify the TDi or the Hybrid for that matter. As previous owner of a BMW X5 3.0 I have to admit that this new Touareg drives much better and breath a fresh air of style in the interior as well as the exterior. I am not in the position to make any comparison with previous model, has this one is my first VW SUV and I am humble and open minded to any suggestion all of you can provide to better enjoy my new daily ride.

I might qualify more as "soccer/girls scout dad" than a real enthusiastic off road beside I do not know how comfortable I would be with taking $47k car on extreme off-road. Well that's it for now and I am looking forward to learn from each one of you veteran of this site and long time owner of this fantastic, at least for me, vehicle.

Best regards,

Fabio A.
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